Oui Wee Designs
& Aki Rahs Tailoring

Everything is custom-tailored to your needs.Elegance is everyday!

Aki Rah's Tailoring has been in business since 1974. In 2014 Aki Rah started operations from a brick & Mortar. Oui Wee Designs was established in 1996 in Roswell, GA and joined talents working on costumes and performing alterations
Our specialty is alterations, costumes, custom suit and dresses .
Need a prototype, wedding dress, men's sportswear, children, theater garments,
home decor or clothing for animals, we can help.

Elegant Custom Design for All

  • Aki Rah's Emporium & Oui Wee Designs 1011 West 18th Street, Chicago, IL, USA
  • 4th Fl Tailor on duty (312)532-7703

All clothing needing alterations will have to be fitted on the body in person. Bring shoes and wear undergarment that you will wear with outfit. This will create a better fit. No definite price can be given over the phone. Only a basic starting price which can also be viewed on this site.