Oui Wee Designs

Everything is custom-tailored to your needs.Elegance is everyday!

Oui Wee Designs was established in 1996 in Roswell, GA. OWD values hard
work to the craft and dedication to completing the job to perfection.
Our specialty is designing for big & tall, special needs, petite, or custom to suit your needs.
We welcome all to out to see how we can make your design ideas come alive rather its a
prototype, wedding dress, men's sportswear, children, home decor or clothing for animals, we can help.

Elegant Custom Design for All

  • 7175 West Cermak Road, Berwyn, Illinois, United States
  • Located inside K & G fashion Superstore in the back of store of Aki Rah's Tailoring Alterations Department (312)532-7703

All clothing needing alterations will have to be fitted on the body in person. Bring shoes and wear undergarment that you will wear with outfit. This will create a better fit. No definite price can be given over the phone. Only a basic starting price which can also be viewed on this site.